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AI Shark

Automated analysis of small PCAP files
Easy to use
Just upload your PCAP and get an analysis report.
Use AI Shark Pro to use the latest AI model.
Human expert
Hire a human expert for a deep dive using your AI Shark credits.

Online PCAP Analyzer

PacketSafari makes it easy to collect, share, and analyze your packet captures (PCAPs) 📦
Easy, cloud network analysis
Upload your PCAP, inspect packets and share the trace file with others.
Intelligent filter completion
Based on indexed data, filters get completed automatically. Based on known protocols fields and indexed fields.
Multi-monitor friendly
Open trace files on multiple monitors. The packet list is on one monitor and a synchronized decode pop-out in a second window.i-heroicons-chart-bar

Packet Safari Explorer

Navigating the Network Wilderness - A Beginner's Course.
Learn Packet Analysis in a self-paced course
Understanding Current Packet Analysis Techniques
Packet Analysis Beyond Basic Networking
Navigating Through the Complexities of Network Traffic
Hands-on workbook
The course consists of hands-on exercises

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This packet analysis training was exactly what I needed. It offers practical exercises that are truly insightful. I appreciate the hands-on approach!
Lena Müller

Lena Müller

I'm impressed by the quality of this training. Everything is well-structured, and the exercises are both challenging and educational. It's a real bargain at this price.
Johannes Schmidt

Johannes Schmidt

The practical exercises give me a deeper understanding of network analysis. The self-paced format is perfect to go through all the exercises at my own pace.
Anna Schneider

Anna Schneider

The exercises are suitable for both beginners and advanced users. The quality of the content exceeds my expectations!
Max Weber

Max Weber

An excellent course that combines theory and practice. The exercises offer a unique insight into the intricacies of packet analysis.
Sophie Wagner

Sophie Wagner

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