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  • Online PCAP Analyzer
  • Free uploads
  • Analyze small PCAPs yourself

AI Shark Pro

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Full access


+ VAT per 40 Credits

  • AI analysis model, 4 credits per usage
  • One-time payment, no subscriptions
  • See the full Pro analysis
  • Credits do not expire
  • Analyse small PCAPs up to 1 MB
  • Up to a few hundred packets

AI Shark Expert


AI Shark Pro + Human Expert


+ VAT per 1600 Credits

  • Exchange credits for human-expert PCAP analysis.
  • 700 credits for each analysis conducted by a human expert
  • Human analysis of larger PCAP files, with up to 4 hours of consulting time
  • PDF report
  • All of Pro
You can buy Pro credits to evaluate the service.
You can review the analyses conducted by other users in the AI Shark Gallery to gauge the Pro model's quality.
Since LLMs can behave differently with each run, you might need to analyze the file multiple times. Already uploaded files can be reselected without the need for re-uploading. Writing a more precise prompt also helps, and the AI Shark Pro model generally makes fewer mistakes. If the analyses do not work at all after several attempts, please get in touch with us so we can have a look.
If AI Shark does not meet your analysis needs, our human experts are available to conduct a thorough analysis of your PCAP files. Use 700 credits per 4 hours of human analysis. This includes a written PDF report that includes the findings. For customized consulting, contact us at
To locate your invoice, please click on the billing link located at the bottom of the page and log in to Paddle using the email address associated with your payment.
Please reach out to us via email:
We wrote comprehensive GPT prompts that guide the tool in each analysis. These prompts are founded on our extensive experience in network analysis. By integrating them into our PacketSafari Analyzer platform, we can decode packets using API calls. This way, AI Shark can gather more information for the parts of the trace that are interesting. Generally, the context windows of modern LLMs are still too small to analyze very large files. We implemented several tricks to prevent supplying too much irrelevant data to AI Shark, ensuring that we do not overload the context window with unnecessary information.