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PacketSafari Explorer

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  • Understanding Current Packet Analysis Techniques
  • Budget Constraints in Network Analysis
  • Lack of Qualified Network Analysts
  • Packet Analysis Beyond Basic Networking: Navigating Through the Complexities of Network Traffic

The course provides a theoretical foundation by exploring various types of network traffic, industry standards in packet analysis, and the nuances of network behavior. The practical lab sessions offer hands-on experience in analyzing different packet types, understanding network protocols, and using tools for effective packet analysis.

Participants in this seminar will gain the skills to make informed decisions in their daily tasks, leading to efficient and impactful network management and security enhancements through advanced packet analysis techniques.

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Depending on the chosen format, there is more time for exercises and questions. We offer online webinars as well as on-site workshops at your location. If you book at least 30 days in advance, you can take advantage of our early bird discount.

Online Bootcamp

1 day, online webinar with lab

750 € / per person

300 € early bird 🚀

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  • What is Packet Analysis?
  • Introduction to Network Protocols
  • Types of Network Traffic
  • Key Concepts in Packet Analysis
  • Using PacketSafari Analyzer for Basic Analysis
  • PacketSafari Analyzer Interface and Navigation
  • Setting up Capture Filters
  • Configuring Display Filters
  • Understanding Basic Features
  • Working with Capture Files
  • Analyzing Endpoints, Connections, and Protocols
  • Understanding PacketSafari Graphs
  • Service Response Time Analysis
  • Network Performance Factors
  • Throughput, Latency, and Network Overhead
  • Name Resolution Techniques
  • Color Coding and Commenting for Easier Analysis
  • Protocol Reassembly in PacketSafari
  • Using Command Line Tools with PacketSafari
  • Customizing Profiles for Different Analysis Scenarios
  • Troubleshooting and Problem Solving
  • Planning and Conducting Packet Captures
  • Handling Large Trace Files
  • Identifying Common Network Issues
  • Differentiating Between Network and Application Issues

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