We are excited to introduce AI Shark, a new AI tool that employs Large Language Models (LLMs) to analyze PCAP files. AI Shark harnesses the power of AI to rapidly identify issues related to performance, connection, packet loss, and more within a PCAP file.

A PCAP Assistant

Our custom prompt and assistant, built upon over 15 years of expertise in packet analysis, offer results that surpass those achievable with standard GPT prompts. Additionally, AI Shark integrates with our Packet Safari API, enhancing its capabilities. Packet Safari is an innovative online PCAP analyzer, enabling users to upload and analyze small PCAP files directly in their browsers without the need for additional software. This tool is widely utilized by security teams, network analysts, and others for analyzing and sharing trace files.

AI Shark Pro

For comprehensive analyses, we present AI Shark Pro. This advanced version utilizes the latest GPT-4.0 assistant API, coupled with expertly designed prompts for various types of analysis, including:

  • Performance Analysis
  • Troubleshooting
  • General Analysis

We are also planning to introduce additional analyses such as CTF, Layer-2, and more.

Use Cases

AI Shark excels in troubleshooting network connection issues, pinpointing the exact problem and helping to circumvent the typical 'network blame game.'

AI Evolution

As we are at the forefront of the AI evolution, it is important to note that the results might not always be perfectly accurate. To address this, we offer AI Shark Expert. This service allows you to convert your AI Shark Pro Credits to get a human analyst to examine your PCAP and provide a detailed report. Please note that the PCAP should be of a reasonable size and complexity, with a maximum of 4 hours allocated for analysis and report writing. This duration is sufficient for most basic analyses. For more complex or custom analyses, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We also updated our website

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