PacketSafari is looking for Sponsors

PacketSafari is an online PCAP analyzer that I've poured my heart and soul into, but unfortunately, it hasn't generated any revenue yet.

As a single-person startup, it's been a challenge to keep up with the expenses that come with running the tool. We have hosting and licenses that cost around 1000€ per year, and we also have salaries of about 5000€ per year to keep everything going.

I'm writing this article to ask for your help. I'm looking for sponsors who would be willing to support Packetsafari and help keep it up and running. In exchange, we would feature your name or company logo prominently on the website, so everyone who uses the tool would see your support.

I want to be transparent with you about the challenges we've faced in the past year due to lack of funding. Unfortunately, we've had to put new feature development on hold in order to focus on other more profitable projects. This has been a difficult decision for us, as we're passionate about improving and expanding Packetsafari to better serve the needs of our users.

If you're interested in becoming a sponsor, please reach out to me via email.

I also wanted to share with you Packetsafari's ultimate goal, which is to create an online educational archive of pcap files. We want to provide students, researchers, and professionals in the field of networking with a platform where they can access and analyze real-world network traffic data. Our vision is to make it easier for people to learn and improve their network analysis skills through hands-on practice with real-life scenarios.

In the future, we plan to evolve Packetsafari into a full-fledged learning platform, offering courses and tutorials on network analysis and security. By doing so, we hope to provide a valuable resource to the community and help bridge the gap between theory and practice in the field.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and I hope to hear from you soon.